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Jan 19, 2013 7:30am EST
. obama has begun the job of replacing his outgoing secretaries of state and defense and the director of the cia, he'll have some new faces to work with on his foreign policy team. joe johns, cnn, washington. >> and next hour, we take a closer look at the issues that will likely define president obama's second term. >>> randi, what's coming up next? >> we have a whole lot still ahead, victor. she set fashion trends four years ago when president obama was sworn into office, so what will michelle obama wear to this weekend's inaugural events? we'll have a look at the first lady's fashion, coming up. >>> i think that there's no more higher purpose right now than to take care of folks, put themselves in harm's way, protect our freedoms. >> more than half a million folks have done more than one tour. that's a tremendous emotional and physical burden we've put on our folks that's totally unprecedented. >> we're acknowledging that people are always going to have some effect. we just want them to be able to be better at making that transition back to civilized society and not carrying around
Jan 19, 2013 10:00am EST
both the british defense secretary phillip hammond saying that it has been brought to an end with a further loss of life. and also the norwegian government ministry of foreign affairs confirming that the military operation is over in algeria. we may be begin to get clarity finally now after four days, as you say, of really wildly conflicting numbers on the number of hostages taken, on the number that may have been killed, on the number of terrorists that were involved. final at the seems that algerian special forces have regained control of that facility, killing the remaining hostage -- terrorists but with a number of hostages being killed in the fire-fight. >> and dan, do you have any details on how some of these survivors and hostages were able to escape? and what kind of condition they were in? >> reporter: amazing stories of how they evaded the terrorists. some hid in the ceiling area. some hid under their beds. some of them, you know, ran for their lives as the terrorists tried to make a break for it in vehicles that were then attacked by helicopter gunships. and one miraculou
Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
has a statute of limitations defense there. >> he did not do this by himself. there are managers, there are doctors, there are other people who maybe weren't involved or maybe they were, but they knew about it. do they face criminal charges? >> in theory, they would. the los angeles united states attorney had a very active investigation into lance armstrong going in 2010, going into 2011. there was a grand jury that was impanelled. and, frankly, that grand jury could still be reconstituted and reopen those investigations. highly unlikely to happen, though. the u.s. attorney pretty much knew everything that we know now except he didn't have the benefit of armstrong's on-air confession and said i'm not going to pursue the charges. had they pursued the charges and had other people been in a conspiracy with lance arm strong strong, they could theorietically been involved. he kept the blame on his shoulders and didn't really incorporate his team managers or team doctors in any appreciatable way. >> over and over, he said i want to talk about me. i'm not comfortable talking about other
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)